Mickael GUILMIN // guitar
Bruno FRANCISCI // bass guitar and vocals
Frederic DEBUT // lead vocals and guitar
Pierre GRANDJEAN // drums


// 2015: The year of “Meetings”//

With heads full of projects, Frédéric DEBUT and Mickaël GUILMIN, both musicians and inseparable friends for more than ten years, have this common desire to start some kind of band again at Le Mans (72).

They seek and find first of all a bassist, Bruno FRANCISCI, then a drummer, Pierre GRANDJEAN, to play rock with Anglo-Saxon influences, as always.

It’s love at first sight !

Having more or less the same British-pop influences of the 1990s (Oasis, Pulp, Suede, The Stone Roses, etc.), they do rehearsals at Le Silo, Le Mans (72) then quickly rise a set of 10 tracks made for concerts.

The NEW BARONS are ready!

In October 2015, the band gives its first concert, for the 10 years of Le Silo, at Le Mans (72).

// 2016: The year of “Good Boys”//

In less than a year, ten songs are ready to be recorded.
So, in April 2016, the
band is busy working on the album at the Studio Afteryoumyfriend in Moulins (03), the city where the singer comes from.

It looks like a rebirth, like a symbol.

The 1st album “Good Boys” is out in May 2016, and soon available on all download platforms.

It is made of 10 tracks that are linked together with a “so British” sound.
Then follows a series of concerts at Le Mans (72) and its surroundings.
In September 2016, the group w
in the recording of a track at a talent contest for rock bands organized in Coulaines (72).

// 2017: The year of “Mental Images”//

This year is marked by both concerts and intensive composition work.

Indeed, the band does not “rest on its laurels” concerning their first album and is already thinking about the second …

Then, in April 2017, the NEW BARONS return for one day at Studio Syncope at Le Mans (72), to record on tape their new pop song named “In My Mind”.

In connection with this, the band decides for the first time to insert images in their music.

They shoot a homemade clip, always in that britpop spirit that characterizes them.

In June 2017, the first clip NEW BARONS, “In my Mind”, is visible on Youtube.

But very quickly, 10 new tracks are ready to be recorded …

So, in November 2017, the NEW BARONS return recording !

This time, it is at Studio Syncope at Le Mans (72), that the group settles its instruments and compositions for 3 days of work.

The release of the 2nd NEW BARONS album is scheduled for February / March 2018.

// 2018: The year of “Inner Dreams”//

The NEW BARONS begin the year with concerts, continue to work and move forward, and in March released their long-awaited 2nd album on the scene “The Dreams You Keep Inside”.

To the ten titles originally planned, the four musicians finally decide to add an eleventh, already known and appreciated by fans : “In My Mind”.

The release of this album, more accomplished and deeper, is an opportunity for the group to string together the concerts, in Sarthe, but also out of the department .

In early July, the NEW BARONS shoot and release the second clip “We’re Out Tonight”, from the second album. After a summer break, the group gets back to work quickly. Already, new compositions are emerging .

September sees the release of a 3rd clip, “The Fucking Test”, new extract from “The Dreams You Keep inside”. The end of the year 2018 looks studious for the group that makes up the ten tracks of the 3rd album…

//2019 : the year of “Projects”//

In early 2019, the NEW BARONS decide to set up a second group – LSDLE (Le Syndicat Du Libre Echange). We find the same musicians in different positions for Bruno (French vocals and rhythm guitar), Mickael (bass) and Fred (lead guitar). As for Pierre, he stays on the drums. The 4 musicians chained the repetitions of the 10 titles of LSDLE.

In April 2019, 10 titles of LSDLE group are written and after 2 concerts that allowed to “test” these new songs on stage, the musicians decide to record the first album of Le Syndicat Du Libre Echange at Studio After You My Friend, Moulins (03).

In June 2019, the 4 musicians resume rehearsals with the NEW BARONS for the next upcoming concerts and work on the titles of the 3rd album.